ONE MAN BANNED - a solo show, Edinburgh Festival 2013

STREET CRIES - a musical cabaret, Edinburgh Festival 2012

Offcut Short Play Award Winner 2010, The Red Lion and Hen and Chickens Theatres, London N1

Red Chevrolet - Mitch Feral

RED CHEVROLET - a musical drama
Set among the auto-plants and dance bars of Detroit, Michigan during the Great Depression of 1936/7, it tells the tale of three main protagonists: Chevrolet Red, a small-time hustler; Beatrice, his girlfriend, a night club singer; and Danny Algary, a country singer and Union agitator. All three are brought together by a restless spirit from the future - Virgil X - the ghost of an assassinated civil rights leader of the sixties. The music is a mixture of swing jazz, rhythm n'blues, boogie, gospel, bluegrass and country. Book, music and lyrics by Mitch Feral Score arranged by Zoe Robertson Script available with demo CD.
2006 TOUCH SENSITIVE - a black comedy
Set in contemporary Sussex, in the country house of Carol Carter, a middle-aged former fashion designer who is unhappily married with two children to IT executive, Philip Beaumont. He is having an affair with her best friend, former model, Hailey Bailey, now working as an escort in Brighton. All of their lives are thrown into turmoil on the sudden, unexpected arrival of Mark Hamilton, Carol's teenage ex and one-time aspirant rock star and all-round waster now turned spiritualist healer. Script available
ANGEL DUST AND DIRTY SONGS - a musical drama
A two-hander cabaret piece. Bald-Headed Bloke is lost and destitute in The City. He is met by Angel. But is she out to save him or destroy him? Twelve original songs. Script and demo CD available.
STREET CRIES - a musical drama
A musical journey through the streets of London in which homeless urchin Alex is met by an array of characters and situations. Staged by Camden People's Theatre.
What The Papers Said...
"A stunning 'opera'...a mix of live action sex and a Chinese takeaway to go...a damning poetic statement...with seemingly endless imagination". [Camden Free Press]
"A colourful lpicture of grotesques, puns and songs...its crazy observations are spot on...Exhilarating music." [The Stage]
"Both absorbing and very funny...a roller coaster ride through all that is weird and wonderful...the songs are catchy and beautifully performed...an enchanting piece". [What's On]

BARNSTORMERS - a musical drama
Based on the true life memoirs of an eighteenth century travelling player, Charlotte Lowes, this Brechtian musical epic takes us from the industrial revolution of Lancashire through the Irish Rebellion to the Drury Lane of Georgian London...all the time holding up a mirror to the inequalities and troubles of contemporary Britain. How far have we progressed...or not? A sweeping period love story set against political and economic turmoil. Staged in 1986 by The Corner Theatre in Islington, London. And again in 1992 by The Century Theatre of Keswick and taken on a British Council tour of England and India. The first original play to be sponsored for such a tour by The British Council. Short-listed for the Thames Television Plays on Stage Award 1990. Script and demo CD available.

Hollywood Dreams - Mitch Feral

What The Papers Said...
"The story's got it all...infectious melody...such rousing comic playing, such thrilling duels of love...such good tunes - why isn't it on the West End stage?" [Time Out]
"Superlative performances, enriching music...a real peach of a play. A storm in a barn...the fringe at its best." [City Limits]
"A great night out." [The Stage]
"A whirl of delight." [Crewe Evening Sentinel]
"One experienced a rain of music...a lovely piece of art and craft. An enjoyable and unforgettable evening." [India News Today]
"Manchester Masala...a tale of passion, ambition and betrayal...a peach of a play. Go bite into it." [The Sunday Times Of India]
"A wild theatrical event!" [Calcutta Despatch]
"Exuberant songs and whacky dialogue - indeed a razzmatazz theatre experience that could compare with our tamasha troupes in Maharashtra!" [Indian Express]
"A stirring experience." [The Times of India, Bombay]
"Dynamic and delightful." [The Crewe Guardian]

HOLLYWOOD DREAMS - a musical cabaret
The story of the Hollywood star system from Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle to Marilyn Monroe and Ronald Reagan and its impact on American social moraes and politics told in original songs and sketches. Performed at The Latchmere Theatre in 1982. Directed by Lou Stein. Featuring Anita Dobson and Mitch Feral.
Script and demo CD available.
"As opportunist, catchpenny and nasty as anything achieved by the Hollywood the show is actually condemning." [Sheridan Morley in Punch]

1997 Street Cries, Author / Composer / Performer directed by Lynne Kendrick
played at:
Camden People's Theatre
1992 Barnstormers, Author / Composer - Century Theatre, B.C. Tour of India (shortlisted for LWT Plays on Stage Award 1992)
played at:
UK Tour including Crewe Lyceum
Poole Arts Centre, Harlow Playhouse
Newcastle Playhouse
1990 Lady Joolz, Author / Composer / Actor
played at:
Kings Head, Islington
1986 Barnstormers, Author / Actor co-directed by Greg Doran
played at:
Hen and Chickens Theatre, Islington
1984 Red Chevrolet, Author
played at:
Latchmere Theatre, London
1982 Hollywood Dreams, Author / Composer / Actor directed by Olivier Pierre
played at:
Battersea Arts Centre
Edingburgh Fringe Festival
Latchmere Theatre, London

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